GREENSBORO, NC -- Someone has their hands full and you can see they're approaching the door. What do you do? You open it for them.

If you see someone drop something out of their pocket, you pick it up and give it to them. It's instinctive to just help someone...right?

But when it comes to a text of someone asking you for help and there's money involved and you don't know this person, 2WTK needs you to stop right there.

“I saw this on the text, it said, ‘would you do me a favor’. A favor, from someone you don't know? I thought let me find out what this is.”

Velvet Fuller's business is on-line, so a text for a job isn't unusual. But then, the texter asked for a favor and asked if she could lump her quote in with a fee he needed to pay. She knew something wasn't right.

Velvet's text is similar to another text someone sent 2WTK this week. The texter claimed there was an issue with a property and an ex-owner.

The ex-owner couldn't process a credit card payment for the inspection costs, so the texter was going to send money to the person’s account and then they were going to keep some and send the bulk, $4,000 to the ex-owner.

Anytime someone offers to pay more for something so that you can keep some of the money but send the rest to a third party, it's a scam. This viewer and Velvet both knew it wasn't right. And both hate the idea, there's no real way to find the scammer.

“Where does that leave us? What happens in these cases? Do they get away with them? How do we stop them if we can't find them?”

The answer is: we warn others. We tell people. Send this story to your friends and family. Share TanyaRiveraOn2 ‘s post about it. Don’t let the scammer get one victim.