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They Didn't Know It. You Didn't Know It. But The Item You Bought Is Recalled!

The law bans all retailers, even secondhand sellers, to have recalled items for purchase. But sometimes, you don't know. Here's how to check recalls for ANY item.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When the peanut butter recall happened, stores cleared their shelves. It's against the law to sell recalled items. The law applies to secondhand marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist and eBay, but regulating online sellers isn't foolproof.

In fact, Consumer Reports says Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist have the most postings of recalled items. In many cases, neither the seller or buyer is aware of the recall, like infant sleepers.

“I also found recalled Ikea dressers, and those have been associated with hundreds of tip-over incidents and several deaths of children,” says Rachel Rabkin Peachman of Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports has a few key recommendations for knowing if there is a recall or alert for whatever you're buying.  We're going to highlight 3 of them:

First, when you hear a recall about a product you have, do something!

Either follow the company's instructions for repair or return or throw it out-- don't try to give it away or sell it.

Second, stay informed. That's watching 2 wants to know, having the News 2 app and using the Recalls.gov site Before you buy that toy new or used-- that used car-- check for recalls.

And register products you buy. When you get anything, from a coffee maker to an iPad, you get a registration card. Fill it out and mail it in. This allows the company to notify you.