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Did you get this email about the NC Vaccine Management System?

A viewer got the email and asked 2WTK to look into it.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Vaccines are available and then they're not. Phone systems are busy or crashing and online registration systems are glitchy. It's a lot.

So, when a 2 Wants To Know viewer got an email welcoming her to the state's Vaccine Management System Recipient portal, she was wondering if it was even real!

The instinct to question an unsolicited email is right on. 2WTK  went right to the North Carolina DHHS website and confirmed they are using the CVMS or Covid Vaccine Management system. Problem is, I couldn’t find an explainer about it for patients. Healthcare policy expert David Sevier filled in the blanks.

“Catherine, my wife, and I got the vaccine a week ago and we got the exact same response from DHHS, the portal, but they didn’t tell us to expect that to come in the email,” said Sevier.

In short, if you make an appointment or get the vaccine to expect to see this in your email. This portal will be part of the official verification that you have received one or both of the vaccine doses

“I think DHHS has been so challenged recently they haven't gotten all the pieces together completely, but it is a legitimate site,” said Sevier.

And a quick 2WTK trick, check the email address. In this example, you’ll see it is from a “.gov” which means it is a true government site.

Credit: WFMY