GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you haven't filed for compensation from the Equifax data breach, you've got less than a week to do it. 

More than 145 million people were affected by that data breach back in 2017. Equifax reached a $700 million dollar settlement $425 million of it is going to customers.

The Federal Trade Commission originally said those affected would get at least 4 years of free monitoring from the three credit bureaus, additional monitoring through Equifax and $125 in cash for anyone who had credit monitoring in place. 

The credit monitoring is still an option but the FTC began to ask for documentation from those asking for cash. 

At this point, it's likely the payments will be a lot less than 125 dollars. Check online to find out if you were impacted. 

You can choose to file your claim there or through the mail. And file claims for your children as well. Their social security numbers are especially valuable to identity thieves.

There are several steps you'll have to follow after that. And you have until next Wednesday to file. Click here for all the links and addresses you may need.

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