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Fireworks & Pets: Make sure collar & microchip info is updated

Keep pets by allowing them to hide, closing doors & drapes, putting on the TV or music.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Even if you don't go to see the fireworks, chances are you'll see and hear them inside your house anyway. So will your pets.
Believe it or not, your pet finding a place to hide, isn't a bad thing.

“Letting them hide, it's a normal behavior for dogs when they're scared to find somewhere to hide,” said Jorge Ortega, Director of Guilford County Animal Services.

You might even want to make a safe space for them to hide, it could be their crate, a closet, under a bed, or somewhere in the basement. Try exercising them during the day to tire them out, and give them toys or treats to keep them busy.

Bring outside dogs inside. Close all doors and windows. Draw the drapes and put on some music or the TV to help drown out the sound of the fireworks.

Last year over the holiday weekend, a Greensboro firefighter lost his dog after it got scared while on a walk.

“Family members of mine watch her while I'm at the fire station, and so Sunday night July 4th they took her out for a walk and the story I got from them is when the fireworks was going off, she was afraid and got away from them,” said  Michael Haywood.

You may not be able to take all the fear away from your pet, but you can make sure all the information on them is updated, that way if you are separated they have a better chance of making their way back to you.

“Make sure they have a collar and tag. If we find them, we will all look for them and the info needs to be updated with the correct phone number. If your pet is microchipped, make sure the info is updated as well,” said Ortega.


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