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Flip or rotate your mattress? If you do the wrong one, you could damage your bed

New mattresses with pillow tops or memory foam should only be rotated, not flipped.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's ‘fall back weekend’. When you wake up Sunday, November 6, 2022, your phone will be the right time, but chances are you'll have to change the clock on your microwave, and your oven, and don’t forget the clock in your car.

A post from Real Simple about the Seven Things You Should Do Around Your Home During DST caught our attention. On the list:

Check your smoke detector & carbon monoxide alarms  

Flipping your mattress

Cleaning your coffee machine

Changing all air filters

Clean out the dryer vent

Take stock of medicine cabinet

Clean out gutters

The discussion in our newsroom centered around the mattress. Do you flip it or do you rotate it? There is actually a real answer as to what you should do and why.

Amerisleep.com says: Modern-day beds include specific layers customized with a purpose. While the top layers provide cushioning, the firm base enhances durability. If you flip these mattresses, the layers can't serve the purpose well. it causes damage to your mattress.

Now, if you have a double-sided mattress, it can be flipped and rotated.

Amerisleep.com clarifies which are the new mattresses:

You shouldn't flip any mattress unless it is specifically marketed as a double-sided mattress. Most memory foam, latex, hybrid, pillow top, or Euro top mattresses are just one-sided.

When it comes to rotating your mattress unless the manufacturer says not to, you should be able to so do and it helps the mattress by prolonging its life. How often should you rotate a mattress? It's usually recommended every three to six months. 


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