Everywhere you look, it's red, white and blue. A lot of people use Memorial Day, Flag Day or July 4th to get out and fly their American flag. But more goes into it than just putting the flag in a holder.

There are, in fact, official rules from the government on properly displaying the American flag.
And while you won't face necessarily face a penalty if you don't abide by the rules, they are on the books.

You can display the flag outside from sunrise to sunset. If you want to fly it after dark it should to be lit. Also, don't fly the flag during inclement weather.

On your car or boat, the flag should never be draped over the hood, top, side or on the back. The flag staff should be fixed firmly on the right side of the vehicle.

And take care of the flag. Many dry cleaners will actually clean U.S. flags for free during the months of June and July. Just make sure to call your local cleaner and ask first.

If the flag is damaged or worn out, the U.S. flag code states it should be burned and disposed of with dignity.