It's not a pleasant situation for anyone to get pulled over by police. "We always ask for you to  be careful and be mindful for your safety as well as the officers safety," says Officer Ramos. There's an iPhone shortcut made specifically for traffic stops. First you alert your phone,"Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over by police." The shortcut launches and allows you to text someone of what's happening and where you are.It then starts a video recording that you can stop at anytime. 

It also automatically saves that video recording, to your phone. But what if your concern is before the stop even takes place?  Sometimes on a dark road a driver may not be able to make out if the car is indeed law enforcement Police say, slow down, put your hazards on and  keep on going. "You can call the dispachter and let them know you're being pulled over." In the end everyone wants to get home safely.