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'Twas a great year for our Call For Action team helping get back $100K

Our volunteers help those in the community because they want to help. Our station and our community is a better place because of them.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — What a year it was. As we say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020, we want to look back at the amazing work our Call for Action volunteers did. We helped hundreds of people with problems big and small.

Our team worked with viewers who had issues with landlords, car dealerships, insurance companies, appliance stores, banks, medical offices and dozens more.

A few of our biggest “wins” including a payout of more than $20,000 to owners involved in a car crash, a $4,000 payout to a woman who was wrongfully charged by a gym after canceling, and another $4,000 payout to a lady whose car was damaged when a pole fell on it.

Our team of volunteers dedicate their time every week to help people in our community who feel they’ve been misled, wronged or taken advantage of in a number of different ways. 

We at WFMY News 2 would like to thank our amazing volunteers and remind anyone who needs help with a problem or an issue to reach out to us.

You can simply go to our website and look for the 2 Wants to Know section and then scroll down till you see our Call for Action form.

You can also call our 2 Wants to Know Tip Line at: 336-379-5605. 


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