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Don't Be Late: Holiday Shipping Deadlines

You can debate when it's right to start the Christmas music, but what's REALLY important is knowing the right time to send your packages.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It doesn't matter when you think it’s the appropriate time to start Christmas music, what is REALLY important is that you know the right time to send your packages to family and friends.  

Mark your calendar now for post office shipping deadlines, to get deliveries by Christmas:
December 14th for heavy packages, shipped by ground, the cheapest.
December 20th for first class shipping.
December 21st for priority shipping.

Keep this in mind, porch pirates are out there so:  

Consider mailing your packages to an alternate destination like a workplace or to a family member who is always at home.

Mail it with Return Receipt for merchandise, that means someone has to sign for it. It's an extra $4.20.

And know this, when you mail gift cards or lottery tickets the USPS does not reimburse or insure lost or stolen tickets or gift cards.