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Got Ice? Better Make Your Own Set Of Ice Shoes!

Seriously, grab an old pair of sneakers, a drill and a few short metal screws.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You or the kids will be walking on the ice and snow. 2 Wants To Know searched for a DIY solution for you and found you can use screws to create traction in sneakers. It's actually pretty common on running websites.


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Here's how it works: you need an old pair of sneakers and short sheet metal screws. The lip on the sheet metal screws provide traction on the ice. Tanya used a drill to put in the screws. 

This is key: you'll want to stay away from any gel or air bladders in the shoes.

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You'll want to put the screws where you see the most wear on your soles.

Keep your hand inside the shoe, you want to make sure the screw doesn't come up into the shoe.

One disclaimer, while these screws add traction ... ice is still slippery.