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Call for Action team gets mistake on Greensboro property listing fixed

Putting their home on the market was not an easy decision for Michael and Virginia Moser. The worst part was the information that some websites listed was wrong.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Michael and Virginia Moser spend a lot of time in their Greensboro ranch-style home. At the end of a gravel road in a secluded part of the city, the home sits on more than two acres of land. 

“We love it here,” said Virginia Moser.

The home was built by Michael’s family back in 1964. Michael has made several improvements over the years including the wood floors throughout the home. 

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“We saw our own lumber, milled the floor out in the woodshop,” said Michael Moser.

The brick home is surrounded by woods and has several small gardens around the property. The 3-bedroom, 2-bath home also includes a cozy study with a fireplace. 

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“It’s my favorite room,” said Virginia Moser.

A couple of months ago, the couple made the difficult decision to put the home up for sale. 

“We knew we needed to downsize. It’s just the two of us in this big house,” said Virginia Moser. The couple hired a real estate agent and started the process.

The home is listed with Coldwell Banker and appears on the company’s website, but it also appears on several other real estate websites. 

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“We didn’t know other websites would pick it up,” said Michael Moser.

The problem with other websites listing the home is that the information about the property and home was wrong. The picture was right, but the websites used information related to the property next to their home. 

“They were printing false information and we had no way to change it,” said Virginia Moser.

The couple was able to reach a representative with one of the realtor sites but not the other. 

“We couldn’t get in touch with them,” said Virginia Moser.

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The couple did everything they could to reach the company but with no luck. The website continued to list the wrong information. Showing the property was sold about 10 years ago for about $80,000 and yet they were listing the home now for $248,000. 

“What sold was just the land (next to our house), we have a house,” said Michael Moser.

Concerned the mix-up was causing problems the couple reached out to their real estate agent and several others with not much luck. About to give up, Virginia had one last idea. 

“We were watching the news one evening and I said, ‘I’m calling News 2’ and that’s what I did." 

Our team was able to reach someone with the online website and alert them to the problem. Virginia checked the website the next day, “It had been changed to the correct information,” said Moser. “Thank you.”

The house is still for sale but at least now thanks to our volunteers, all the information is accurate.

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