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Breaking down recycling in Greensboro

If you need to contact the Greensboro recycling center's field office, you can call them at 336-373-2489.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Recycling and Waste Reduction Educator Masey DeMoss answers your recycling questions.

If you're unsure what can and can't be recycled, you can use the Waste Wizard in the GSO Collects tool to search virtually any item and find out what goes where.

Glass is not recyclable in Greensboro. You can check for the drop-off sites. 

If you need to contact the recycling center's field office, you can call them at

The city's recycling schedule is here.

ONLY recycle these items:

  1. Paper & cardboard
  2. Metal food and drink cans
  3. Plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs

Do I have to wash out my containers? 

It's helpful, but if you don't get the material completely cleaned it's not the end of the world! 

Should I leave the lid on plastic bottles when I recycle them? 

Yes. The rule of thumb is if the lid twists on or off, keep it on! If the lid pops off, take it off. 

Garbage in the recycling

The City of Greensboro’s recycling contamination rate is at an all-time high. The national average for non-recyclables in recycling is ~10% and Greensboro has a 22% contamination rate according to our Recycling Center. Ongoing recycling education efforts have not improved the situation, and the City’s Waste Reduction team only has one Solid Waste Code Enforcement Officer who is unable to monitor all 90,000+ service units in a given collection cycle.

New Greensboro glass recycling locations

  • Tiny House Community Development, 1310 W. Gate City Blvd.
  • Hemphill Library, 2301 W. Vandalia Rd.
  • Fire Station 17, 6405 Old Oak Ridge Rd.
  • Guilford Park Presbyterian, 2416 Lawndale Dr.
  • Union Coffee Company, 1119 E. Wendover Ave.
  • Fire Station 63, 4306 Burlington Rd.
  • Craft Recreation Center, 3911 Yanceyville St. 

Leave Wishcycling in 2021  

Wishcycling is recycling hoping and wishing items are recyclable. When in doubt throw it out. 


Got electronics and don’t know what to do with the old ones? Donate first or take them to EcoFlo on Patterson St. in Greensboro where they will be recycled.


Got a new sofa or other large items? Donate first or leave it by the curb to be picked up on your bulk collections day.

Christmas Tree Recycling

REAL TREES: Remove all tinsel, lights, decorations, tree stands, and plastic bags from Christmas trees prior to collection. Trees more than five feet tall should be cut in half. Leave at the curb.

ARTIFICIAL TREES: Put this item in your green trash container.

If this item is too big to fit into your trash container, place it at the curb on the same day as your recycling collection. Extra bags of trash outside your green container are not considered bulk trash and will not be collected by City crews.

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