Over the past couple weeks, a voluntary recall had parents and caregivers checking their homes.

Fisher Price and Kids 2 recalled inclined sleepers because they posed a death risk. After hearing that many daycare centers and parents were still using them, parents whose kids died in the sleepers are speaking out for the first time to warn others. 

Hailey Hampton's son Liam was 13-weeks old. She said, "I would like to raise awareness. There's people out here that are still using the Rock 'n Play Sleeper that our children died in." Arya Butler was 10 weeks old. Jameson Connolly was just six weeks old. Each child died in a rock and play inclined sleeper. 

Experts say while it's advertised as a sleeper, babies should never sleep in them. Pediatrician Ben Hoffman explained, "First of all, knowing what we know about babies' relatively large heads, relatively weak necks, the upright positioning can lead to the head flopping forward and that can block the airway, which is devastating to babies."

According to the recall, these three babies were some of the dozens that died in Rock n Play sleepers. Their families are suing Fisher Price. But they decided to speak out now because they don't want others to go through their same pain. Their plea is for other parents to stop using the inclined sleepers--  no matter what. 

Remember, experts say flat on their back, in a crib, on a firm surface is the safest way for babies to sleep.

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