PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Just think how much easier it would be to have a dietitian there with you as you shop at the grocery store!

Grocery stores are now offering just that. We’re talking about personalized help for shoppers in an effort to combat the obesity epidemic.

Registered dietitian Kelsey Lubeck meets with customers weekly at a Shop Rite in New Jersey. It’s a service offered for free at the store.

Lubeck does a one-on-one consultation and then they walk the store to shop. That’s where she also goes over food labels with customers.

Inserra Supermarkets launched the program in 2012 and says thousands of customers have taken part.

“A lot of shoppers are dealing with chronic medical conditions that diet and nutrition can really play an important role in helping resolve or prevent,” explained Dana McLaughlin, a health and wellness manager at Inserra Supermarkets.

Other supermarkets offer access to dietitians and nutritionists but most charge for those extra services.