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Girl Scouts & Grub Hub: Free contactless cookie delivery

COVID has created all sorts of life changes, including delivery drivers dropping off Girl Scout cookies

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Food delivery has become a staple thanks to COVID-19. Contactless delivery is now for fast food and high-end restaurants. Add in Girl Scout cookies!

Through Grub Hub, you can get your Girl Scout cookie craving satisfied through mid-February. Delivery is free, the cookie boxes are $5 apiece. The cookie selection is on the app and the website so you can see them and read the description. You can pre-order for the next day or days in advance. The delivery times vary from day to day depending on your delivery area.

When I used to sell Girl Scout cookies, they were like a buck or two a box. Like most things, the price of a box of cookies has gone up. Some viewers have said they think they're too expensive. But I want you to know the money you spend on cookies amounts to priceless lessons. Hear it from today's Girl Scouts--as I did.

 “I've learned to network with other people and make sure I project my voice. I also learned good money management skills,” said Kayla.

“I've learned how to count my inventory, math skills. I've learned that not everyone will say yes to cookies, but we can still sell some,” said Krista.

“I've learned not to be so shy,” said Zoe.