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Guilford County Schools officials answer your questions about the re-entry plan and more

We got answers for some of your biggest questions about heading back to school

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With students gradually heading back to class soon, parents have plenty of questions across the triad. 

That's why we had Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jamie King, Chief Academic Officer Whitney Oakley, and Chief Operations Officer Angie Henry come in to answer your questions. 

Are kids allowed to bring backpacks?

The short answer is yes. Assistant Superintendent Dr. King says they've just been limited what students will bring. But backpacks will still be available. 

What will lunch look like? 

Meals will be delivered to classrooms according to Henry. She added that all children will be able to eat for free through December. They're still allowed to bring home lunches. 

What's the process for school buses? 

Parents will have to fill out an attestation form before their students can ride the bus. Only one middle or high school student will be able to ride per seat for a maximum of 24 students. Elementary students will also see reduced numbers on the bus. 

How did GCS officials decide re-entry could happen now? 

The school district looked at several different primary and secondary indicators. You can see a full list below. 

Credit: Guilford County Schools
Public Health indicators for school re-entry in Guilford County

GCS still needs to know which students need transportation as the return to school gets closer. They’re asking parents to fill out a preference form-- even if you don't need transportation. Use the link here. 

The officials answered far more questions than we can fit in this article. Here is the rest of the interview.