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Scare up a COVID safe Halloween: no bowl of candy & don't layer costume and fabric masks

Why kids shouldn't wear both masks and how to safely give out candy.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — COVID-19 canceled March Madness, in-person Easter church services, and Fourth of July fireworks. So, will COVID-19 cancel Halloween too? Maybe can we scare up a safe plan!

Here are a few things to consider:
Trick or treating as an outside event? That’s a good start.
What about a Halloween party inside and bobbing for apples? Probably not a good idea.

If your neighborhood is howling to have Halloween, keep these ideas in mind with candy giveaways.

“You're trying to minimize the risk. You want to minimize the touching. If you’re giving out candy, you want to put it in separate baggies and hand it out that way. You don’t want a big bowl of candy that every kid reaches into,” said Dr. Cynthia Snider, Cone Health Infection Prevention.

The CDC says there is no evidence to suggest that handling food or eating is associated with directly spreading COVID-19.  The virus could live on food packaging. So, in an abundance of caution, maybe mom or dad opens the candy and the kids don't touch the wrappers.

What about the costumes?

"I think parents will need to be creative. Kids will need a fabric mask. This protects better. And I know the facemask comes with the costume, but we don't recommend just wearing it, it doesn't protect enough. While layering also isn’t a good option, we don't want the kids to suffocate,” said Snider.

If you're trying on a costume, the suggestion is to not try on the mask or head covering at the store. If you buy it, sanitize it before wearing it.