GREENSBORO, N.C. — This goes, this goes...

It's National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, just in time for Thanksgiving.

But doesn't a lot of your stuff stay good…forever? Short answer, no.
The US Food Safety website has a FoodKeeper App. It allows you to look up anything you have in the fridge, freezer or pantry.
It will tell you what the shelf life is and how you have to use it after opening. My a-ha example is BBQ sauce. Once opened, it’s only good for 4 months!

Once you pitch the stuff, you're left with a fridge that needs cleaning.

Got tough stains to get out in your fridge?

HGTV recommends toothpaste for the tough stains.
And then just hot soapy water because it's food safe.

Is your vegetable drawer smelling?

 Put a crumpled piece of a brown paper  bag in there to absorb the smell for 48 hours.

Does the whole fridge need to smell fresher?

And baking soda is good for fridge smells or cotton balls soaked vanilla or orange extract.