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Why You Should Do Some Holiday Shopping On Your Credit Card

If you pay it off as soon as possible you can utilize major benefits this holiday season.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A lot of you reading this are trying to fiscally responsible and pay for Christmas gifts with your debit card.
But if you have the cash in your account, what you should do is put your debit card away and use your credit card.

Here's why.

Your credit card gets various perks like price protection.
If you buy something and can find it being sold for cheaper shortly after -- you can get the difference refunded to you. Just contact your credit card company.

Your credit card protects against damage or theft. That's right! If you buy something, and it gets stolen, your credit card will cover your reimbursement.

And if the product gets damaged, many credit cards will cover it! That applies even if it's your phone.  

If you're paying for your phone service with the credit card-- you could get damage coverage $600 and even up to $800.

Every card is a little different, so you need to contact your credit card company to see what exactly your perks are.

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