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How the Amazon 'smile' is being used to protect you

Seriously. Amazon has incorporated the 'smile' so you'll know its emails are real.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Amazon delivery on the doorstep is a common sight.
Even if you don't remember what you ordered, you know 100% it's from Amazon.

But when you get a text or an email about your Amazon order, your confidence that it is really from Amazon probably drops down to low. I mean, all we hear about is how scammers are so good at faking emails and texts.

Amazon recognizes that and is now protecting customers with the company’s signature smile. Really, the smile is part of the plan to keep you safe.

The company is hoping to reduce the risk of phishing scams by giving you a smile as their verification. When you get an email from Amazon, the smile will show up in the listing.

This is for emails on your desktop and mobile devices.
If customers see the 'smile' logo next to emails coming from an @amazon sender-- that will indicate that the email is authentic, confirming that it came from Amazon – not a scammer.

My next hope is that they do something like this for texts as well. In the meantime, there are ways to look at a fake text and see the red flags.

The issue is that those fake texts have a lot of similarities to the real Amazon texts. My rule of thumb, even if I know the text is real, is to never click on a link. It’s always safe to the source-- log onto your account and check out what is going on with your account or deliveries.

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