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How to avoid robocalls, fake free trials and other consumer traps

Kyle Iboshi and Cristin Severance tell you how you can avoid some of 2019's most popular consumer traps.

Our KGW Investigators, Kyle Iboshi and Cristin Severance, work every day to hold the powerful accountable, shine a light on a problem or alert you to consumer issue.

This 30-minute special show highlights their latest consumer investigations from exposing how scammers keep robocalling our cell phones to whether CBD is really in that expensive product you’re buying.

Experts reveal secrets of robocall scammers

Do you wonder why and how you're getting so many robocalls, where they're coming from and why they're so hard to stop? Kyle Iboshi talked to some experts to answer those questions for you.

How much CBD is really in that CBD water, donut, or beer?

Cristin Severance had several products, which claimed to contain CBD, sent to an independent lab to have them tested to see whether the CBD they advertised was really in the product. The findings may surprise you and make you hold your wallet a little tighter.

Customers left with $1000+ bills after responding to air duct cleaning ad

Several customers complain they ended up with a bill of more than $1,000 after responding to an advertisement promising air duct cleaning for $39 and furnace service for $99. Kyle Iboshi investigated and found just how easy it was for companies to pull off scams like this.

Instagram fashion fail: Online clothing companies rack up thousands of complaints

Instagram boutiques are popping up all over the social media app, covering feeds with beautiful models in stunning clothes for unbelievably low prices. Cristin Severance put four of these popular sites to the test with the help of some familiar KGW faces. Did they really get what they ordered?

Crooks passing off 'movie money': How you can spot it

Amazon is selling money that looks like real cash and the U.S. Secret Service even warned that the proliferation of "movie" or "prop" money being sold online is creating issues for police. Kyle Iboshi investigated and has tips on how you can spot the difference.

Free trials aren't free, they're costing billions

Cristin Severance investigates how people get stuck in "free" trials and end up paying hundreds of dollars. From diet pills to teeth whiteners to beauty creams, fake free trial offers are costing millions of Americans, to the tune of more than $1 billion. 


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