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How To Build A Better Burger

You can still enjoy a delicious burger without feeling guilty.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We've got some classic summer weather coming up this weekend and maybe you want to have a cookout. 

And you can still eat that burger without having to worry about feeling guilty. Consumer Reports shows us how to build a better burger.

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First, start with your beef. The leaner, the better. But that lean beef can dry out pretty quick. So try adding some pureed roasted mushrooms or onions to replace up to one-third of the meat. Refrigerating them overnight will make them a little easier to cook.

Next, take a look at your burger bun. Try 100% whole grain buns to add filling fiber and other nutrients to your meal. Or just skip the bun altogether and wrap your burger in raw sturdy leafy greens like collards.

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Make sure you cook it thoroughly. If you're cooking out grab a meat thermometer and make sure the burgers hit 160 degrees.

Finally, pile on the plants. Skip the iceberg lettuce and pale tomatoes for microgreens and a nice slice of an heirloom tomato. It isn't just healthy it tastes better. And instead of cheese try spreading some avocado. It's got a buttery mouthfeel that works well with burgers.

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