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Looking for a job? Need help with a career transition?

Sometimes you just someone to help steer you in the right direction or give you some tricks of the trade.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you could take a group of people’s “things I wish I knew” list and put them all together it would make job searching or a career transition much easier.

Teddy Burriss of Burriss Consulting, Inc. to the rescue. He joined 2WTK  to answer your questions. 

Burriss is a LinkedIn Consultant, Coach, Trainer & Keynote Speaker. And 27-weeks ago, he started a podcast/youtube show and website called NC Wiseman Career Support. He and a colleague invite folks on to talk about anything and everything job-related.

Other resources he talked about include NCWorks and Goodwill Industries

4 things we have discovered most job seekers are not paying attention to in job search:

Your next job most likely will not come from a job board. It will come from a conversation thru your network.

If you are on LinkedIn you must have a Profile Picture and a fairly decent LinkedIn Profile.

Stop trying to get that old job back. Look at new roles in different industries. You can do it & it may be more rewarding.

Social Media can be your friend or your biggest enemy - Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc better than every other job seeker.

In this video: Resources for a job search, temporary vs full-time jobs, and the best way to use LinkedIn.

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