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How To Get A Criminal Charge Off Your Record

Lawyer Kearns Davis gives key points of when you can get your record expunged. 

GREENSBORO, NC -- This week 2WTK has helped you get answers to common law questions about divorce, wills, car wreck and court appearances and arrests.

Kearns Davis from Brooks Pierce is sorting the criminal law questions out for us.

QUESTION: I had a criminal charge a long time ago, and it comes up whenever I apply for a job. Can I get it taken off my record?

ANSWER: It depends on what it was and when it happened. There's a process called expunction, but you can only get certain things expunged.

If a charge was dismissed or you were found not guilty, you can probably get it expunged.

If it was a nonviolent offense and it happened more than 15 years ago, you may be able to get that expunged, too.

And if you were younger than 22 and it was nonviolent, you may be able to get it expunged even if it was less than 15 years ago

Be aware: expunction usually takes a few months and costs a few hundred dollars if someone is charged with a crime, given a court date on paper, the one thing they don't want to do is ignore it and not go to court.

The judge may give an order to have you arrested. You could also lose your driver's license.

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