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How To Preserve Your Laptop's Battery

It turns out, its some of the same ways you'd preserve your phone's battery

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Your laptop. You send emails on it. You watch videos on it and You may need it for work.

It kinda does a lot of the same things that your smartphone does. And that's not the only thing they share. They both use the same type of rechargeable battery. Consumer reports has some smart ways to preserve your battery life on both

There's a lot of misinformation about laptops because they've been around a long time but their technology has updated. 

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Today's laptops use lithium-ion batteries so they don't need to be charged all the way to 100 percent. 

Just like you should with your cell phone -- keep the battery between 20 to 80 percent charge.

And you don't need to turn your laptop off every day. It's fine to leave it on standby for a few days. But to keep it running smooth you should reboot it every few days to get updates and clear your RAM.

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