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Avoid the itching! Expert explains how to keep mosquitos out of your yard | 2 Wants to Know

People can't help that mosquitos are attracted to them. They can take precautions to keep mosquitos out of their yard.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — All summer long people swat and slap at mosquitos flying around their yards and neighborhoods. You don't have to go crazy trying to avoid the itchy bites.

Steve Brock from Mosquito Joe joined 2 Wants to explain the best ways to keep mosquitos out of your yard and off your skin.

Brock said the top cause for mosquitos in standing water. He suggested that people take a walk around their yard once a week and look for things like bird baths, frisbees or anything else that can hold a half inch of water. If you see water accumulating somewhere, dump it out, according to Brock.

Brock said you can really get after mosquitos by cutting back any ivy in your yard, along with any ground cover where your kids play. He said mosquitos love areas like that because it gets them out of the sun.

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Humans are naturally attractive for mosquitos. Brock said everyone gives off a carbon dioxide scent, which mosquitos like. He said some people have stronger scents than others, which makes them more likely to get bit. Humans can't smell the carbon dioxide coming off their body.

Brock said a common mosquito myth is that they all bite humans. He said only females bite, and they do it to feed their eggs. Male mosquitos will leave you alone.

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