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How Working From Home is impacting your eyesight

The more screen time, the less you blink. Really. And less blinking causes all kinds of eye issues.

For many of us working from home means a lot of screen time, not to mention how much we're also on our phones! All the screen time is taking a toll on our eyes.

“Even if I've completely walked away from the computer, I will still blink and I'll still see flashes of light and I’m like, ok a migraine is about to start, said Courtney.

Your eye works a lot harder when you're staring at a screen because you’re blinking two-thirds less. That can mean sore, burning eyes, light sensitivity, blurry vision, and even neck pain.

“We are evaporating more tears. Which is causing us to be blurry. Once we are blurry, then now we are starting to strain and our eye, it's just this whole hamster wheel,” said Dr. Kristina Jordan.

The solution? Try the 20-20-20 rule.  
For every 20 minutes of screen time take a break and look at something for 20 seconds that is at least 20 feet from you.