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New study says people who beat coronavirus have some immunity, BUT!!!

There's a big catch that means coronavirus survivors still need to wear a mask and social distance.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new study out of the UK looked at immunity in about 6,000 people who've already had coronavirus. They had 83% more protection against getting sick again compared to people who never had coronavirus. Researchers say that protection appears to last for at least five months from first becoming sick.

But, the study says "experts cautioned those with immunity may still be able to carry the virus in their nose and throat and therefore have a risk of transmitting to others."

So you still need to wear a mask and social distance!

Other researchers at Todos Medical have been coming up with a new way to test your immunity level.

"Basically, it is to let people know what their ability is to defend against the viruses today. What the likelihood is that they are going to have lasting immunity," said CEO Gerald Commissiong.

The immune monitoring test is not looking for antibodies, but rather the cells that produce antibodies.

"Has your body been properly trained and does it remember its training to be able to go and kill the virus," Commissiong said.

The simple blood test yields results within 48 hours and shows patients their immune status at any given point in time. Right now, the test is being rolled out to nursing homes and it will be made available to the public soon.