Love them or hate them, iphones are everywhere (I even have mine out in the studio during the newscast!)

Apple released their 2 newest phones about a month ago, and tech experts say, they're some of the best phones money can buy.

The iphone 11 pro max is now consumer reports highest-rated smartphone. And the iphone 11Pro, comes in at number 2, knocking Samsung’s Galaxy S10 - plus down to 3.

Consumer Reports says that just a few minor fixes, is what separated the new iPhones apart. "The iPhone 11 ProMax has the best battery life out of all of the phones in our ratings. It lasted 40.5 hours on a single charge. The Pro models also have three rear cameras that did great in our testing when it came to both still and video image quality.”

You'll love the new phone, but your wallet? Not so much.
The Pro max starts at $1,100 while the 11Pro is a whole 100 bucks cheaper at $1,000.

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