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More stimulus #3 payments are promised, but when will folks on Social Security get their money?

The IRS says more payments are coming, but when?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — “Here's the name of the game. Be patient. Be hopeful, make sure you're eligible, if you haven't received it, the check is in the mail,” said Mark Hensley, AARP NC, Triad Region.

It makes you want to laugh when you hear “the check is in the mail”, but seriously, the checks and the debit cards are in the mail.

The IRS is in the process of sending out 15 million checks and five million debit cards for this second batch of stimulus #3 payments.

In the latest release from the IRS, the agency confirms: Economic Impact Payments will continue to roll out in batches to millions of Americans in the coming weeks.

How many batches of payments and how many weeks will this go on? The IRS isn't saying and that has folks on disability and social security wondering when is it their time?

“People on Railroad Retirement, SS, or any other government support haven't seen their direct payment. The IRS is not releasing a timeline,  
but this is a process, they call them batches. You can't call the IRS, you can't call Social Security and get an update,” said Hensley.

The IRS confirms more payments, of all kinds, are coming. Here are the words direct from the IRS web page:

Additional batches of payments will be sent in the coming weeks as direct deposits and through the mail as paper checks or debit cards. The vast majority of all economic impact payments will be issued by direct deposit. No action is needed by most taxpayers.


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