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Is your child eligible for money through the P-EBT program?

State and federal agencies are collaborating to give $371 in extra food stamp benefits. But not all children on food stamps are eligible.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When you hear or see the words: Money, Help, Benefit, you are focused on the big picture. But like with food, rent, unemployment, or stimulus payments, there are always details. Sometimes, the fine print of the help what makes the help confusing.

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For example, we got this email from Crystal. “I'm a food stamp recipient and they are issuing the P-EBT benefits and I have 3 children and was issued only one deposit for one child! Can you investigate to see maybe there is a glitch in the system?”

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P-EBT is the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer program. It's a collaboration between the state and federal agencies. Families will get a total of $371 for each child. This is paid out in 2 allotments through June 12.

But here is a detail that is often missed: it is for each school-aged child who is enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program.

 So, if you have three children but only one of them goes to school, only the child enrolled at school and in the program will get the added P-EBT benefit.