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'Tis the season for Girl Scout Cookies! What's new in 2022 & how much a box will cost you

Adventurefuls are the latest cookie addition. In the beginning, there were only three cookie selections. Do you know what they were?

People, you know it's serious if there's a countdown clock and there is indeed a clock for the start of Girl Scout Cookie season.
Yes, Tuesday, Jan.11, 2022, is the start of cookie season. The newest cookie is the Adventurefuls. It's the brownie, with a caramel center cookie.

There are 12 kinds of cookies offered in 2022, some original cookies some relatively new cookies. Why are certain cookies called something different? On the website, you'll see both names, but the details are different. The reason? There are two bakeries making all the Girl Scout Cookies; ABC Baker and Little Brownie Baker.

The Girl Scout Council says the recipes and ingredients may differ slightly, but the cookies are similarly delicious.

Interestingly, cookies are sold by weight. So one baker may put 30 smaller cookies in their box, the other may only have 25 slightly larger cookies.

What is the going rate of cookies this year?

It depends. There are various Girl Scout Councils, each setting its price, depending on its area. Here, the Peaks to the Piedmont Council, it's $5 a box.

The archives walk you through the beginning of the Girl Scouts and their sales. In the 1910's the Girl Scouts preserved fruits, the door-to-door sales of cookies in the 20's happened in just a few cities. Cookie sales expanded more and in the 1930s a box of cookies was 23-cents.

By the 1950s, there were 3 kinds of cookies, Thin Mints, Shortbread, and a sandwich cookie. The 1970s brought seven cookie options and in the 90's we got our first low-fat and sugar-free selections.
In 2014, Girl Scouts went online.