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‘It’s God’s Work,’ Nehemiah’s Few Group Becomes Triad Woman’s Saving Grace

Anne Hickock is well educated, smart and independent, but she was about to be homeless. Hickock had nowhere to go until Triad Baptist Church came to the rescue

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — Anne Hickock was standing in her apartment thinking to herself when the fear of being homeless crept into her mind. Hickock was being evicted and at that moment she had nowhere to go, “I may have been homeless, I never said that before, but that’s how I felt,” said Hickock.

Afraid what the future would bring Hickock reached out to some local churches, charities and WFMY News 2 for help, “I was desperate,” said Hickock.

Our Call 4 Action Volunteers reached out to Triad Baptist Church to see if it could help. The church often helps people with simple maintenance issues, but this was different. Hickock needed to move all her possessions into a storage unit and find a new place to live.

With time running out and staring at the possibility of being homeless and having to leave almost everything she owns in the apartment Triad Baptist put together a small crew to help Hickock move, “It’s a miracle, it’s just a miracle, it’s God’s work,” said Hickock.

The small group, that call themselves “Nehemiah’s Few” showed up at Hickock’s apartment the day she was being evicted to move her out. You see, Hickock doesn’t own a car and doesn’t have the money to hire a moving company, “We try to help anyone who has a need,” said Nehemiah’s Few Harold Simcox.

About a half dozen volunteers spent a morning earlier this month loading everything Hickock owns into trucks, trailers and cars before taking it to storage. Hickock was able to find a temporary living situation on her own but when she arrived members of the church didn’t feel it was safe, “We didn’t think it was best to have her stay there,” said Simcox.

The church decided to put Hickock up in a hotel room for a few days until a permanent solution could be found. Hickock had secured a permanent place to live come October but needed temporary housing till then.

On a fixed income finding a place was proving difficult, “I wasn’t having any luck,” said Hickock. Not exactly sure what more it could do to help Simcox and his volunteers were worried about where Hickock would live, “We could only put her up in a hotel for a few days,” said Simcox.

Once again looking at the possibility of being homeless one of the church members decided to have Hickock stay with her until her permanent place was available, “Triad Baptist and you (News 2) have done so much for me, thank you so much,” said Hickock.


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