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Why your homeowners policy doesn't fully cover your wedding ring

Chances are, your homeowners insurance won't cover the cost of lost or stolen jewelry, like your wedding ring.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Flowers, chocolates, jewelry. These are the big three for Valentine’s Day. But even if you don't get jewelry this Valentine's Day, chances are, you have jewelry.

Chances are if you lost it or it got stolen, there's not enough insurance on your homeowner's policy to cover it.

A typical homeowners policy covers jewelry between $1,500 and $2,500. That's not usually enough to cover a wedding ring. You can get an extra policy with your homeowner's insurance to cover it or get what Brides magazine recommends, which is a standalone jewelry policy This covers loss and theft as well as the cost of maintenance on your jewelry.

Bride's top choice was BriteCo. We talked with the Director of Jeweler Relations about how to care for your sparkly things.

“The biggest mistake is forgetting that jewelry is a work of art. I recommend going to your jeweler once or twice a year. They will check all your stones, look at your prongs, and clean and buff it up,” said Rachel Akmakjian, the Director of Jeweler Relations for BriteCo.

To protect your jewelry, always take off your jewelry before bed.
When you clean it at home, use dish soap, ammonia, warm water, and a soft bristle toothbrush.

“General rule, if the water is too hot for your fingers to touch, it's too hot for your jewelry,” sad Akmakjian.

Not all jewelry can be cleaned the same. For example, Opals can't tolerate heat and a string of pearls shouldn't be submerged in water.

"Costume pieces have a base metal that is plated or painted, it is temporary. That lasting finish starts to come off. When you clean it,  take a small microfiber cloth with water and never scrub it hard. You only want to clean it when necessary to get those lotions, perfumes, and such that have been sprayed on it," said Akmakjian. 


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