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Jif refund coupons coming soon: Check your email & then your mailbox

If you filled out a refund form, expect to see an email confirming your coupons. Those coupons will be sent by mail.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The only way you can spot a jar of Jif is if you still happen to have your recalled jar. The shelves have been empty.  
So, when will you see the shelves stocked again, and what about your Jif refund? I have details on both.

Let's start with the refund. I got an email from Jif:

Coupons should arrive via postal mail in the next few weeks.

The good news, the refund portal seems to have worked.
You need to check your email for an alert. It will be titled: Regarding your Jif product reimbursement.

The timeline for me was about a month between when I filled out my claim form and got this email about my coupons being on the way in the next few weeks. Of course, the question is, will I have any product to claim?

Let's go back to that coupon email. The first paragraph says:

We are actively working to get Jif products back on the shelf.

Not an exact date, but as a consumer, I'm thinking if they're sending me coupons, the product is coming shortly too.

If you didn't claim your Jif refund yet, you still have time.
The claim form page is still up. It shows you where to look for the codes that have been recalled if you still have the jar.

Knowing you may not have the product anymore, those codes aren't required, so just put in the info you know, like the size and kind of peanut butter and your mailing address.

The CDC confirms the salmonella outbreak linked to Jif peanut butter and various products is now 16 people total.
Of course, these are just those who made a formal complaint and were tested for salmonella.


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