It's something in your home you don't notice until it stops working. It's your lifeline to the internet, your router!

Unfortunately, router update notifications don't scream at you. There's no message that pops up asking if you'd like an update, but it's important you always get them.

You have your computer, tablet, phone and TV all connected to your network. It only takes knowing a router's IP address and password to get on it.

With this information, hackers can steal your files or even peek through your webcam. These attackers can even record your online activity and re-route your traffic to fake websites if you have an outdated router.

So here's what you need to do to update it. Type your router's default IP address in your browser's address bar. These are common IP addresses for popular routers like Linksys, D-link, Netgear or Belkin.

Linksys and D-Link:



Once you're on your router's administrator page, enter your username and password. Find an area called "advanced" or "management" to check for firmware updates then download it.

You should check for updates at least once every 3 months.