GREENSBORO, N.C. - The experts at Armored Self Defense say there are tools that should be on your nightstand to help during an emergency.

“First thing you want to do is reach for your cell phone and keys which you should always keep by your bed," Connie said.

The phone to call for help. The keys so you can get away but also to set off your car’s panic alarm.

“So that way if you hear someone breaking they start to hear things, they’re already kinda panicky. They might escape and run away and leave you alone," she said.

Then grab something to help you fight back.

“We have this very heavy candle. This glass piece could serve as an improvised weapon. The lamp could also serve as an improvised weapon,” she said.

Whatever that weapon is going to be --- pick an item now and put it on your nightstand tonight. A heavy hardback book, a potted plant, something. Use that weapon for all it’s worth!

The self-defense experts say to keep striking until the intruder is unconscious– then you gotta get out. Call the cops and don’t go back home alone.

“Kinda think through it before it happens. Now let’s hope it never happens. But if it does, now you have a pathway to help you out," Connie said.