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Keeping Stink Bugs Out of Your House

You could be seeing more stink bugs in your home this time of year.

NEWTON, N.C. -- Temperatures are consistently warming up and will lead to more bugs. That includes stink bugs.

The bugs will also try to get inside your house when it's cooler outside. "Seal up all the cracks [in your home]," said George Place, director of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension's Catawba County Center. "Reduce how much heat is going to go out and reduce stink bugs are going to come in."

If they do make it inside, Place recommends homeowners simply suck them up with a vacuum.

Place added the stink bug population appeared to be down in 2017, though the numbers fluctuate year-to-year.

He said stink bugs tend to begin laying eggs outdoors in the spring.

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