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Lawsuits claim number of loads label on laundry detergent bottles is misleading

At least seven class action lawsuits have been filed.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The average family in America does five loads of laundry per week according to the Folde laundry company. So we're all going through a lot of detergent. That's why at the store so many of us look at the bottles where they tell you how many loads each bottle can do. But can you trust that number?

TruthInAdvertising.org says there have been at least seven class actions filed since November claiming many of the detergent bottles are misleading.
That includes a lawsuit against Gain made by Protector and Gamble, which has offices in Greensboro. According to the lawsuit: on the front of the bottle it advertises 32 loads. But when you flip the bottle over and look at the back, the bottle clarifies that it depends on the size of your load.

The lawsuit says: "The majority of Americans who take advantage of the whole usable capacity of their washing machines will not be able to do 32 loads of laundry ... they will only be able to do one-third as many."

TruthInAdvertising.org's Legal Director Laura Smith explains why the labels are so important.

"Consumers need to have all the information, so they can make reasonable and reasoned choices when they make their purchases," said Smith. "They need to know what they are buying, so they know how to spend their money."

We've reached out to P&G for comment. We're still waiting to hear back.


By the way firefighters say you should never put a rain jacket in the wash. This can happen:


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