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Look For These Red Flags To Spot A Vacation Scam

Looking for these signs will help you this vacation season and beyond.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Myrtle Beach is a beautiful popular vacation spot for people around here. Criminals know that too, specifically scammers. And they're looking to rip you off.

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That's what happened to Jesse Stevens found a listing on craigslist for an oceanfront condo at Island Vista resort for $200 a night. He called the owner, who told him to transfer $1,200 dollars.  After that, they were supposed to meet in person. But that didn't happen.

"She never showed up. I tried texting. I tried calling several times. and then that's when it was pretty much radio silence. no answer at all." says Stevens. It was a scam.

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We've told you plenty of times to avoid paying for any services in gift cards. And you can add wire transfers to that list. Money orders, too.

They're not all bad, but any type of payment that's not traceable is a red flag that you could be dealing with a scammer. 

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