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There's A Mouse In My Peanut Butter!?

One man's crazy story and what to do if you have a similar situation with store-bought food or from a restaurant.

Ewwwwwwww! I mean, this story gives me the Heebie Jeebies.
I'm not showing it to you for pure shock value, although there are some. But it's so you'll know what to do if the food you buy off the shelf or at a restaurant isn't good.

“That's a foot, if you can look up close, there is a finger, there is a hand, a leg, backbone, and a head.”


What is that Jacob Fisher is describing? He claims a mouse was in his sealed jar of peanut butter. He says it must have found its way into his jar during the manufacturing process. The manufacturer says the way they fill the jars --- it’s impossible for a foreign object to get in there. While they work it out, here's what you need to know:

If you get a compromised product.

Save the product in its entirety. You will want to snap photos of it, the food and the packaging and make a formal complaint with the manufacturer.

What about if it happens at a restaurant?
First, if you're at the location, you bring it to the attention of the restaurant manager.

Take a picture for documentation or if it's take-out, call the location, take a pic of food and packaging, keep the receipt, and wrap the food up and freeze it.

Who do you tell next? Not your friend, and not 2 Wants To Know-- you need to file a complaint with the county health department. We can't make the complaint for you-- it has to come from you