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Many Educators Didn't Get To Talk To NC Lawmakers. Here's Why.....

Lawmakers were in budget meetings, not in their offices.

Educators marched. They rallied. But did they get to talk with lawmakers who can change the status quo? Many of the educators 2WTK  talked with say they feel a little disappointed because  lot of lawmakers where not in their offices to talk. They were in meetings. But they were able to catch up with a few in the hallways. Like Guilford County Representative Pricey Harrison.

"The timing is really unfortunate. In the house we are working on the budget today. They did give a short break to meet teachers."

2WTK confirmed many lawmakers really were in closed door meetings about the budget. They still tried to communicate with the educators though. Both political parties left flyers around on all the tables inside. Democrats put up how North Carolina gets an F for our education report card and Republicans left out messages about how teacher pay has increased. 

Educators say they plan to email and write all the lawmakers they didn’t get a chance to meet with.