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Medicare is calling. Nope. Medicare doesn't call you out of the blue

There are various fake Medicare calls going around the nation right now. Don't let the scammers win, share this story with friends & loved ones to raise awareness.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — “This is Becky, your patient advocate working closely with Medicare. Currently, Medicare is offering precautionary genetic cancer screening nationwide….”

This is how the call begins. At some point, ‘Becky’ prompts you to act,

“If you do not act soon, then Medicare may label you as ineligible for coverage….”

Not true. This is a scam call. The AARP estimates 60-million Americans will get this fake call, not to mention the other fake calls.

"In this process, the caller is asking for your Medicare number,” Kathy Stokes, AARP Director of Fraud Prevention programs

Scam artists may sell that Medicare number to other criminals or use it to file fraudulent claims.

The ‘Becky call’ is not the only Medicare scam out there. I don't want you to get a call, not hear her name and think whatever call you're getting is on the up and up.

“We are sending out the new cards and I need your billing information to keep your coverage active….”

Nope. Medicare doesn't make phone calls out of the blue. Phone calls that offer you braces, wheelchairs, testing, and claim Medicare will pay for it as long as you give the caller your Medicare number are scam calls.

“Anytime someone calls from out of the blue and says Medicare can cover x, hang up the phone and know only your doctor can prescribe that and have Medicare cover it for you,” said Stokes.

I know, it can seem rude to hang up on someone, but what's worse is you or a loved one being scammed out of their money. So, talk about it.