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Merry CASHmas! How to find unclaimed cash for you & your family this Christmas

Every state has a free unclaimed cash site. In NC, State Treasurer Dale Folwell oversees $919 million.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The countdown to Christmas is on!  Add in shipping delays, long lines in stores, and just overall anxiety, what is your best bet for a holiday gift?
Cash! The dollars don't have to come out of your pocket.

“Just when I punched up my computer and I can see hundreds and hundreds of entries in Guilford for NCcash.com. People can go there and look up their name, there's no charge to look up their name and no charge to claim the money,” said NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell.

There is $919 million in North Carolina in unclaimed cash and property.
How does it get there? These monies could be utility bill deposits or overpayments on a hospital bill, the last paycheck from an employer, an insurance policy.

Looking up your name or someone else's is easy. It's NCcash.com.  You put in your name and to narrow down the search, put in the city and zip code where you live now and where you have lived.

“I was talking with kids from Wake Forest University the other day and they were struggling with how to find the money for gifts for Christmas presents. I told them to go to NCcash.com or whatever state their parents or grandparents live in, search for their names and print off what the claim says and hand that to them as a Christmas present. It won’t cost you a thing,” said Folwell.

In the Triad alone, there are 27 Santa's with cash waiting for them, 192 Rudolph's, 41 people with the name Candy, and 71 with the makings of a Ginger cookie.

Just for fun I put in my own name and found $20! Merry CASHmas.

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