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NC gives out a record $105 million in unclaimed cash, but there's more! Find your cash...

Searching your name and getting your money is free at NCcash.com

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Legend has it, At the end of every rainbow, is a pot of gold. I don't know if that's true, but I know there's a lot of money owed to folks in the Triad.

For example:

Leo in High Point $135,306

Laura in Greensboro $102,489

Susie in High Point $164,959

Kelly in Brown Summit $112,106

“It may not be $100,000 in your name, it may be $200 or $300 or $400. It's just stunning what your viewers will find when they go to NCcash.com and look at their name,” said NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell.

The way you check is by going to NCcash.com and typing in your name. To narrow down the search you can put in your city and zip code.

If you have cash over $50, the site will not tell you the total amount due to privacy issues. The site is a public record, so to know the total amount, you’ll have to then go to the search page which will ask for your social security number to confirm who you are.

Searching for your name and getting your money from NCcash.com is free.

 What is this free money?  These are unreturned deposits you made with a utility company, apartment complex, refunds you're owed, insurance benefits, or overpayments. When companies can't find you, they send the money to the State Treasurer's Department. The office is in charge of matching you up with the funds.

In fact, this year was record-breaking in unclaimed money given out, $105 million. WFMY News 2 viewers have something to do with it!

“We can see when we're on 2 Wants to Know the spikes in our web traffic of people checking their names of people watching your newscast,” said Folwell.

Folwell says along with checking your name, check your family members, your church, little league, your business, and your favorite charities. This year, even the International Civil Rights Center & Museum had unclaimed cash! 

You can also check unclaimed cash for any other state you have lived in, it is also free. 


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