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NC Governor extends application deadline for $335 Child Credit Grant check

If you didn't receive the NC Child Extra Credit Grant check last year, the new deadline to apply for it is May 31, 2021.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — How long does it take before something the governor signed into law takes effect in a way so you can cash in?
It's a good question, and $335 is at stake with the answer.

Governor Cooper modified the 2020 COVID Relief Bill on February 10.
The modification gives an extension to anyone who missed out on the $335 Child Extra Credit money to apply for the money by May 31, 2021.

The NC Department of Revenue is responsible for getting the money out. On the website, it shows the grant program is extended, but the application, well, it's coming soon. The hope is, the application will be up by next week.

You're eligible for this $335 if:

You had a child 16 or younger living with you at the end of 2019
You didn't file a 2019 return and you didn't receive the grant already
You did file a 2019 return but didn't receive the grant

What is this $335 for anyway? The governor put the Extra Credit in the Relief Bill to help families offset the cost of remote learning and COVID-related childcare. That was the intention, but there are no strings attached. You can use it for whatever you want too.