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NC Governor: 'There is no vaccine waiting list. Anyone who tells you different is trying to take your money'

The warnings are going out in an effort to keep you from giving up your personal info or money to a scammer.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Read this and let it sink in: there is no vaccine waiting list.

Folks who want the vaccine are hearing there is a vaccine waitlist they can get on. Nope. There's no such thing.

“Don’t fall for a call, an email, or a text promising you a spot on a vaccine waitlist. There is no such thing. We have a protocol for how the vaccine is going to be handed out and a waiting list is not part of it. If someone says there is a waiting list, they want your personal or your information or your money,” said Governor Roy Cooper in Tuesday’s COVID briefing.

The vaccine waitlist scam is just one of many fake or fraudulent scams out there. It can be hard to detect fraud because scammers are really good. They may have information that leads you to believe they are from a trusted source or they use logos that appear real.

A good rule of thumb is if there is a push for you to immediately respond, give info, send money, it's a scam.

"folks just need to be skeptical because scammers come out of the woodwork whenever there is something we all need and we're all desperate to get the vaccine so we can get on with our lives. So when someone pitches something to you, you can get it fast, I can mail it to you, just be so skeptical," said NC Attorney General Josh Stein.

Here's the thing, if 2WTK or the NC Attorney General or the Governor doesn’t get this information to you before it happens, there is almost no chance you will get you your money back. The more people who know, the less money is lost. So, give everyone you know a Christmas gift that's no cost to you, and share this article with them.

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