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NC is sending out $335 checks. Will you get one in the mail?

The extra credit grants are for families with at least one child aged 16 or younger and claimed on a 2019 tax return.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The check is in the mail. Really. North Carolina is sending out at least 1,053,679 checks by mid-to-late November. Are you getting one? These are the extra credit grant checks for families.

You qualify for this check if you have a child 16 or younger that you claimed on your 2019 state income tax return.  The check is $335 whether you have one child or five.

This check is part of the governor's Coronavirus Relief Act. It is to provide economic support for families. The idea was to assist in virtual schooling or child care costs due to the pandemic, but you can use the money for whatever you want.

The check will come in a white window envelope sent by the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

You'll find three things inside:
The check. It will have the words extra credit grant on it.
Letter sheet with your name and address on it.
Information insert. It tells you the check is good for 90 days.

Folks who file tax returns should get this check by Nov. 23. If an individual believes they should have qualified by filing a tax return before Oct. 1, and has not received a check by Nov. 23, they should contact the department of revenue by phone.

If you don't normally file a return, but you applied for this extra credit, your checks are coming from mid-November through December.

All grant payments will be issued by check and mailed, with few exceptions, to the address listed on either your 2019 tax return or your application. If your address has changed, submit a change of address request. 

Got more questions about this grant? Check out the FAQ page.

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