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NC Lawmakers Want Students To Take Less Tests

After years of educators and parents raising concerns, lawmakers have a plan to cut back on required tests.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Your heart races, you break out into a cold sweat, suddenly you freeze. Research shows about 40 percent of students have this kind of test anxiety. 2 Wants To Know's Ben Briscoe has been working for years to report on the extreme standardized testing in North Carolina schools. And now there's hope on the horizon that some of those tests will be cut back.

Right now the state House and Senate are working on a compromise bill that would eliminate the N.C. Final exams. That's about 20 state tests. According to the Department of Public Instruction website, these were tests used to evaluate the "teacher's performance" and not the students.

The bill would also do away with the big, scary end of grade exams for third through eight grade and replace it with three smaller "check-in" tests throughout the year.  And the end of grade tests in high school would be replaced with the ACT exam.

The proposed changes still have a long way to go before becoming reality.
But my sources in Raleigh say there's a really good chance the bill will pass and be signed by the governor.

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